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When I first ventured into the world of custom signage in 2021, I quickly realized just how scarce educational resources were in this new and evolving category of the wedding industry. It was like navigating uncharted waters, with little guidance or support available. As I embarked on my journey, I yearned for someone I could turn who had been there, done that, and was willing to share their wisdom and insights to help me navigate the challenges and uncertainties of starting a business in this niche field. Now, with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge under my belt, I'm committed to being that mentor for others in the wedding industry. 

With a focus on fostering community over competition, I offer mentorship services tailored to help fellow sign makers thrive in this specialized field. Whether you're looking to break into the luxury wedding market, streamline your rental procedures, master social media strategies, or refine your brand strategy, I'm here to provide guidance, support, and inspiration every step of the way.

service offerings

20 Minute Mini Phone Call*

1 Hour Video Call*

Mastermind Session**
includes one hour kick off call, personalized action plan, and 90 minute follow-up call

6 Month Program**
includes two hour kick off call, monthly follow-up calls, email support, access to our full library of marketing material and contracts 

To learn more about my mentorship services and apply, download the investment guide below. 

*This level requires a minimum of  1 year in business
**This level requires a minimum of 2 years in business

With Emily's unwavering support, I've transformed my business in just six months
Emily far exceeded my expectations in every way. Her openness and transparency created a supportive environment where I felt comfortable seeking guidance. She was always just a message away, providing not only logistical support for my business but also invaluable assistance in navigating the mental and emotional challenges of entrepreneurship. Her guidance has elevated the logistics of my business and contributed to my personal and professional growth. I've acquired new skills and upgraded my equipment, taking my offerings to the next level. Her kindness and unwavering support have significantly built my confidence and fostered a positive mindset. I wholeheartedly recommend Emily's mentorship to anyone looking to start a business or make significant changes in their existing venture. Whether you're a novice entrepreneur or have been in business for years, Emily is the person to guide you toward success!
Isamay Designs
Having a Mentorship Meeting with Emily was one of the best moves I could have made
As an experienced wedding vendor myself, it felt nerve wracking to put myself out there to say that I had questions or wanted advice when Emily and I have been doing weddings for roughly the same amount of time, but I left feeling more confident in my direction as a signage wedding vendor than I did when we started. We chatted through vendor-to-vendor connections, proposals for clients, processes for mockups, value of our work, and construction behind some challenging designs I wanted to try. The time we spent together was so incredibly valuable and I cannot thank her enough for creating a space that felt kind, open, and judgement-free. By being vulnerable for a moment in saying that I could benefit from a mentorship connection, I have gained valuable business insight, a trusted vendor recommendation (in both directions!), and above all another friend in the industry!
Kate's Calligraphy

DIY Wedding Signs

with the help of a professional

Our digital download guide is specifically designed for beginner Cricut users to skip the countless research, product testing and practice to design and create wedding signage on wood, acrylic or mirrors by easy access to a professional's experience and knowledge. 

I have poured my heart and soul into the hard work of finding the best processes and supplies. I've compiled all of this information into 14 pages of jam-packed info for you to make your own!

this guide is for you if you’re looking to get help with:
  • Choosing a Medium
  • Sourcing Materials
  • My Go-to Supplies
  • Designing your Signs
  • Fonts
  • Vinyl Weeding Tips and Tricks
  • Vinyl Removal and Cleaning

Note: this guide does not include resources or information for laser cut signage or custom builds and is specific to Cricut projects